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  • Can I use Gestix in any country?

    You can use Gestix in any country. In some cases it is necessary to inform the accountant or financial service that one is using a software to do invoices (Mozambique for instance). When in doubt, inquire at the tax authority or your accountant how to proceed.

  • Do I need the Multi-Currency module to bill in USD?

    I'm in the United States and only do invoices in USD. Do I need to buy a the multiple currencies module?
    If you just do invoices in USD no need to buy a multi-currency system. When configuring the single-currency solution you only have to specify the currency you work with as the base-currency.
    You only need this module when you have to treat more than one currency in your system.

  • Do I need the Multi-Language module to run Gestix in English?

    I'm in the United States and only work in English. Do I need the multi-language module?
    To use the program in English only do not need multi-language module. Only need this module to work in more than one of the seven provided languages.

  • What types of tax documents and logistics can I do in Gestix?

    Can possibly do any kind of document that is required. The professional version allows you to make new types of documents from existing and configure them as required.

  • I use Gestix and changed my company's name, do I have to buy it again and make a new subscription

    A client with a valid and updated support plan, to change the name of the firm remaining the same VAT ID is not required for us to have "to buy it again and make new record", but may need additional technical support for achieve your goal.


  • Does Gestix need any Year-Closing operation?

    Gestix deals with the changing of Year in an automatic manner. As soon as there are invoices registered in the new year it will no longer be possible to register invoicing in the previous year
    As a caution measure, it's strongly recommended to go to the Admin / Backup menu and perform a backup copy before entering transactions in Gestix.
    Having a backup copy of Gestix database, if an operator makes a mistake, you will have the option to restore the database to the state before the miskate.

  • What do I need to do when the VAT or IVA changes?

    In Gestix, when there are changes in the VAT/IVA taxes, the process is easily performed in the Admin / VAT Taxes menu.
    The updating of each VAT group is automated and respects the expiry date of each tax without affecting the performance of the system.

  • Making an invoice from a delivery memo with prices set to zero

    A delivery memo with item prices set to zero, when converted into a new invoice using the Related Doc. button will assing item prices automatically to both docs
    Though Gestix Business STD doesn't have specific menus for those operations, you can add two new series of supplier documents based on Cash Purchase: Payment of Salaries, and Payment of Taxes.
    Then, using Suppliers' records for the Taxes entity and for each employee, you'll be able to keep a complete record of those payments

  • Do Purchases (invoices received from vendors) have to be sequentially numbered?

    The original configuration of purchase documents is Sequentially Numbered, assuming the user registers the documents her own entry number.
    To enter the number of the original purchase document instead, the configuration of the involved documents shall disable the Sequentially Numbered option.

  • How can I check whether my Gestix is AT-Certified or not?

    Your Gestix is AT-Certified if its version is 5.1 or greater. To check which version your Gestix is, look at the top bar of the screen as you enter the Gestix program.

  • Does the Gestix online invoicing software provide Tax Audit File (SAFT) as recommended by the OECD and required by the Portuguese Law?

    Yes. The SAFT file is provided by all current versions of Gestix that have any one of the following modules: Invoicing, Point of Sale, or Webshp Invoicing


  • Updating Mac OS-X operating system

    Before updating any software make sure you have a fresh backup copy made at Gestix Admin menu.
    You may have to install the last version of MySQL compatible with the version of the operating system. Check the MySQL site for information about any issue you may find.
    When MySQL is working correctly and in the same conditions as before (same users/passwords) then reinstall Gestix - instructions in
    If any problems persist, you may have to activate a support ticket (check available options at

  • Do I have to install the software on my computer?

    You only need to install Gestix if you purchased a Download license for use without being connected to the Internet. Otherwise, if you purchased a Cloud or SaaS solution, you are provided with a private URL, user and password to access your Gestix.

  • What is the version suitable for an iPad?

    Both Gestix Cloud and Gestix SaaS are suitable for immediate access from your iPad. You can also use a Gestix Download in your local area network or webserver and access the iPad via the wireless network.

  • How do I scroll down text areas on iPad?

    Touch the text that is visible in the text field, then drag the finger down until the invisible text shows up

  • Why can't I make the Gestix backup on my iPad?

    To make backup of Gestix you have to save a file on your computer. As the iPad does not allow saving files, use a personal computer to perform operations that require a save file on your computer.


  • Can I install Gestix on Windows 7 64bit?

    Yes. Just follow the directions given in the installation guide observing the differences noted for Windows 7.

  • Does Gestix work on Android?

    Yes. On stable models Gestix works without problems.


  • Calculating Sale Price from Cost Price and Margin

    The sale price is obtained by dividing the cost price by one minus the Gross Margin.
    In a spreadsheet, put the cost price in A2 and B2 Gross Profit Margin (between 0% and 99%). Place the formula in C2 to obtain the Sales Price:

Data Import

  • How can I import Invoices from CSV/Excel file?

    First you define the layout of your csv file in the Invoicing/Data Import menu. Then you test your file. Finaly you import the orders and generate the invoices
    For detailed support on Advanced Data Import questions, please contact the Gestix Technical Support

  • Server error or timeout when I import 50000 items CSV file

    When I upload my 50000 items CSV file through the Gestix Articles Data Import menu, I get a Server Timeout error on my browser, but if I check the Articles file, the items are updated
    For the processing of large files the server may reach timeout yet the process will continue to run. You need to wait until the activity of the server calms down. Then you job should be finished.


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