Update Gestix on Windows

Before Proceeding

  • Make sure you have a fresh backup copy of your company's database extracted from the Backup option in your Gestix's Admin menu.

    This update is only entitled to users / companies with valid license and annual support contract to date.

    The utilization of these instructions does not imply any free technical assistance.

    Click to check available technical assistance service options

Update instructions for Gestix

  1. 1. Download the installer for Windows gestix-erp-win32.zip

  2. 2. Choose Save file as... and you can save it wherever you want, for example your desktop.

  3. 3. When the download is finished, select the file and click on it with the right button and select “extract here”.

  4. 4. A file named gestix-5.1.xx-00.exe will be created.

  5. 5. Click twice on it and wait until the following window appears.

  1. 6. Choose Repair and select Next to start the update.

  1. 8. Select Next

  1. 9.Select Finish to end the updating process

  2. 10.Finally open Gestix and empty your browser's cache.

With these steps you have just updated Gestix.

To be sure that you have udated click in the Gestix logo to verify it's actual version.

In the following example it was updated to the 5.1.3 version: