Certification of Billing Software

Always consult your accountant or the Tax Authority to know exactly what are the legal requirements that apply to your billing.


The various editions of Gestix Systems have been certified by AT since 2010. This status is proven by consulting the list of certified software on the website of the Tax and Customs Authority, where they are listed with their certificates numbers ranging from 0394/DGCI to 0397/DGCI.

  • 0394 / DGCI - Gestix Enterprise editions are aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises (PME) in Distribution, Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Technology and Services

    0395 / DGCI - Gestix Business issues cover the needs of micro and small businesses as well as Professional Services

    0396 / DGCI - Gestix POS editions are oriented towards the integrated management of Points of Sale of hypermarkets and networks of Retail stores.

    0397 / DGCI - Gestix Life editions focus on the areas of Pharmacy, Health, Hospitality and Social Activity.

    • The use of certified billing software is mandatory in Portugal, Mozambique, Angola among other countries. Many companies that previously could use, for example, cash registers and billing uncertified programs, no longer able to do, being forced to use only certified billing program in accordance with the rules in force.

      Only in countries where it is not compulsory to use certificate billing software, Gestix allows you to choose the mode of operation of the program, before entering any data in the system. For example, it is possible for a Cape Verde company working with the program so as to make correction in documents after registered.

      The compliance of Gestix software with the rules in force is ensured through periodic updates available to clients holders of annual maintenance plan on time. Since the company fails to pay the annual plan no longer require these updates, but may continue to use the version available at the end of the previous plan.

      In a growing number of countries the Taxes Authority requires entities that issue invoices or receipts do so through certified software, unless otherwise provided for specific groups.

      The Portuguese law provides for penalties for those who fail to comply with the requirement to use certified billing software. To this end Article 155 of the OE-2012 amending the legal framework of the Tax Offences (Law 15/2001 of 15 June). Was amended in paragraph 2 of Article 128 of this regime, going to set the following: 2 - Acquisition or use of software or computer billing equipment, which are not certified in accordance with paragraph 9 of Article 123 of the Code IRC, is punished with variable fine between € 375 and € 18,750.

      The Westix accompanies always exemplary and the challenges required by regulation of billing software. Integrates the successive legal requirements in Portugal, Mozambique and Angola so that in 2008 has the first version of the SAF-T in 2010 guarantees the DGCI / AT Certification of several lines of Gestix products (under numbers 394, 395, 396 and 397) and timely offers tax upgrades to their clients prior to the entry into force of the respective laws.

      The entry into force in 2014 eltrónica reporting obligation waybill before the transit of goods, led to the recent implementation of the electronic transmission of documents, real-time and file.

      Features and common regulatory characteristics to various Gestix issues currently marketed:

      All fiscal and logistic documents are digitally signed.

      Documents fiscal relevance are not subject to change after recorded.

      Documents in draft form can not be printed.

      Documents can not contain negative values ​​in lines.

      Credit and similar notes must contain the reason for the credit.

      Transactions to different VAT rate from normal must be justified with reference to the "legal provision applicable to the exception."

      The simplified invoicing allows the omission of the purchaser of tax data but is limited to EUR 100 000.

      Logistics documents must be reported to the Tax Authority before the Trasnporte.

      The issue of fiscal and logistic documents require the mention of the name, address and tax number of the buyer, except the Simplified Invoice.

      All issued documents are not considered bills (budgets, proposals, etc.) must contain the text "This document does not serve as invoice" and can not be removed from this text user-printed model.

      Simplified invoices (the ancient beads sale) where not the buyer of taxpayer No is identified have a dashed disable the purchaser identification site, or alternatively the words 'end consumer'.

      Documents produced in other applications that are not digitally signed can not be imported into Gestix as invoices, but are imported for the first pro-forma documents and then made automatic billing of these documents, to the invoices already produced in Gestix with the respective digital signature .

      The Gestix is ​​autonomous to generate either manually or automatically billing all kinds of documents with digital signature. Not so admits the importation of billing documents to SAF-T purposes.

      The documents manually made in printed typography should always be recorded on the certificate program and exported to the SAF-T with its specific text in HashControl field. Customers wishing to use this method should acquire the respective module in timely contract.

      Access operators to the program is controlled by login and password, either from the internal user database, either from the user entity directory.

      The internal history Gestix operations, identifies the operator, the date and time the issue or cancellation of a document has been made, yet covering changes to customer records, product, supplier among others.

      Tax benefits in software acquisition

      In countries where it is compulsory to use certified software in billing companies generally are given various benefits as an incentive to modernize the computer system. This happened in Portugal with the state budget of 2012, which were announced incentives for businesses that are forced to update their billing programs.

      Consult your accountant about the possible application of benefits to you.

      How to know what tax obligations apply to you?

      The trend is for the use of certified software quickly be widespread. However, currently apply some exceptions to the obligation to use certified software.

      If you have any questions regarding the application of the law in your case, see the Service of Finance or his accountant.


    • Does Gestix need any Year-Closing operation?

      Gestix deals with the changing of Year in an automatic manner. As soon as there are invoices registered in the new year it will no longer be possible to register invoicing in the previous year
      As a caution measure, it's strongly recommended to go to the Admin / Backup menu and perform a backup copy before entering transactions in Gestix.
      Having a backup copy of Gestix database, if an operator makes a mistake, you will have the option to restore the database to the state before the miskate.

    • What do I need to do when the VAT or IVA changes?

      In Gestix, when there are changes in the VAT/IVA taxes, the process is easily performed in the Admin / VAT Taxes menu.
      The updating of each VAT group is automated and respects the expiry date of each tax without affecting the performance of the system.

    • Making an invoice from a delivery memo with prices set to zero

      A delivery memo with item prices set to zero, when converted into a new invoice using the Related Doc. button will assing item prices automatically to both docs
      Though Gestix Business STD doesn't have specific menus for those operations, you can add two new series of supplier documents based on Cash Purchase: Payment of Salaries, and Payment of Taxes.
      Then, using Suppliers' records for the Taxes entity and for each employee, you'll be able to keep a complete record of those payments

    • Do Purchases (invoices received from vendors) have to be sequentially numbered?

      The original configuration of purchase documents is Sequentially Numbered, assuming the user registers the documents her own entry number.
      To enter the number of the original purchase document instead, the configuration of the involved documents shall disable the Sequentially Numbered option.

    • How can I check whether my Gestix is AT-Certified or not?

      Your Gestix is AT-Certified if its version is 5.1 or greater. To check which version your Gestix is, look at the top bar of the screen as you enter the Gestix program.

    • Does the Gestix online invoicing software provide Tax Audit File (SAFT) as recommended by the OECD and required by the Portuguese Law?

      Yes. The SAFT file is provided by all current versions of Gestix that have any one of the following modules: Invoicing, Point of Sale, or Webshp Invoicing